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  • This course is for people with prior CNA training or expirience who need to prepare to take the State Board Exam. Included in this cour

    -Video Examples of all 22 Clinical Skillsse are the following:

    • -Online Version of Gabriel Health Institute's
    • -Exam Prep Study Guide (Over 117 pages of Content)
    • -4 Practice Exams with questions directly form Prometric.

    This reffresher course is free for all Students of Gabriel Health Institute, and is a sufficient replacement to the reffresher course needed in order to qualify for the CNA Exam Prep "Money Back Guarantee" policy.


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  • This course is a mandatory for all HealthCare workers. Gabriel Health Institute is an ASHI approved training center, so receiving your certification through us should satisfy the CPR requirements of any employer. This course will cover the following topics:

    • -CPR for the Adult, Child, and Infant
    • -Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    • -BLS Care and Skills
    • -Deffibrillation using an AED
    • -Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (Choking)
    • -Team Approach

    This is an online blended course, meaning only 75% of this course will be available online. Upon Completion of the online portion students will receive a certificate as proof of completion. They must present this to Gabriel Health Institute and schedule a hands on performance evaluation in order to receive the ASHI accredited certification card. Certification will be valid for a duration of 2-years.

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  • Many employers require their staff to take this course in order to work. This course will cover the following topics:

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest


    Gabriel Health Institute is an ASHI approved training center. Upon the completion of this course you will receive your certification cards from us. 100% of this course will be covered online.


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